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About Us
Founded in the late 1960's, Tranters Creek Hunting Club organized to provide local hunters a way to enjoy 
the outdoors and hunting. Mr A.B. Ward was instrumental in starting the club. The primary interest was in harvesting deer with hounds. After just a short time club membership grew to more than 100 active deer-dog hunters. Today, the club remains one of the strongest in the area.

                            Board Members 
  • Rich "Goober" Goddard - President 
  • Jeff "Outlaw" Bell - VP 
  • Glen "Recap" Hudson 
  • David "Blue Rabbit" Bell
  • Brian " Butterball" Haddock 
  • Mark " Needs a Handle" Bateman
  • Bill Parrot 

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                                                        Let this one get away last day!!
Featured Bucks

  • Hunting lands in Pitt, Beaufort, and Martin Counties.

     The members of Tranter's Creek value everything about the hunting experience. We spend a lot of time cooking, shooting, and, of course, hunting.
     We want others to share our goal to keep ALL hunting privileges alive, especially hunting with hounds.

 We thank you for visiting the website, and hope to create a memorable dog or stand hunting experience with you in the upcoming season!! Please visit our pages to learn more.
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